All our First Aid courses are specially designed to allow participants to achieve a basic understanding of the principles of First Aid, so as to assess various emergency medical situations and how the same should be treated. It will enable participants to act as a backup t0 onsite or in a workplace setting and/or respond to an emergency prior to the arrival of more qualified personnel.  The Basic First Aid or Practical First Aid Course covers those that require a basic knowledge for their workplace or organization.

The program is delivered using a variety of tools, including PowerPoint presentations and interactive DVDs using a watch then practice method.

Who Should Attend
Anyone looking for or needing knowledge of the basics of First Aid should enroll.   Email or text 0877391006 for further information.   Search the following  keywords for further information:  basic first aid Cork, basic first aid Mallow, basic first aid Bandon, first aid training Cork, first aid courses Cork, First Aid Training Bandon,

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